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Jewelry, like all accessories, expresses the wearer, his style and sense of style. Jewelry complements the outfit, makes it suitable for the situation and creates dignity. The jewelry I design is eye-catching, bold and attracts attention. Even a single piece of jewelry gives a finished elegant touch to the outfit.  They enchant and surprise.


Believe that each piece of jewelry has its own soul. It is an individual who addresses and touches the heart of its wearer.


The jewelery is cast in full 925 silver and is handmade in Finland. I use a technique that mimics natural forms that I have developed myself.

Each piece of jewelry is a unique single piece with its own story.

I also design jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, to order. It is possible to fit and customize the jewelry according to the customer's wishes before casting it. It takes 1 to 6 months to complete custom work, depending on wishes and matching times. The final price of an individual piece of jewelry depends on its size, the amount of design, and the method of delivery. I charge an advance payment for the design, which is 200 euros for wedding rings, for example.

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It is possible to arrange individual demonstration pieces separately by agreement in Lahti, Kouvola and Kotka. I deliver jewelry to order in the EU by courier.  

It is possible to rent jewelry for parties, filming or shows, for example.

A changing batch of jewelery is also on sale in Lahti at the Top Dei Top Fashion boutique.

Address: Hämeenkatu 13, 15110 LAHTI. 

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